About Us

Earth-loving Furniture People
Dolce Home is part of Lounge Innovation, one of Australia’s largest furniture manufacturers and most awarded furniture brands.

Furniture-making is our passion; it’s also our commitment to the Earth. Our furniture is 100% designed in Australia, produced only using earth-friendly materials.

None of the animals we use are bred specifically for leathers. Our highly-acclaimed leathers are derived from cowhides, strictly certified as by-products of farm-bred, game meat stock. Instead of discarding these hides, they are carefully tanned to provide sumptuous leathers for you to enjoy for many, many years.

To leave minimum footprint, we use wood, instead of steel, in making our furniture frames. Wood is the most greenhouse-friendly of primary materials, and by growing trees, we are doing our bit for preserving biodiversity too. We hope you will enjoy a satisfying experience using our furniture as much as we have in creating them.

For Quality-Loving You
As a Dolce Home customer, you enjoy 100% quality assurance. Our products are an immaculate result of a stringent manufacturing process and craftsmanship, in which we pore over every detail.

Our sofas, for instance, are all hand-sewn and no effort has been spared in sourcing for the best cowhides and fabrics in creating them. For furniture frames, we only harness seasoned timbers, which guarantee greater stability. We also tap top-quality webbing for enhanced spring, which explains the durability of our couches. And why are our couches extra-soft yet extra-resilient to sagging? That has to do with the high-density foams, which we carefully handpick to ensure the strength of our seats. From fabric selection, to cutting, to stitching, to upholstery and delivery, we stand by an uncompromising attitude—that’s how we make sure that only the highest-quality furniture reaches you.